About Us

Our Business Loans are powering the economic transformation of micro enterprises and their stakeholders. As early leaders, we have the opportunity to unlock the huge market for lending to micro enterprises in India.

With an unmet finance gap of Rs. 3 trillion arising from over 55 mn micro enterprises, this is a big business opportunity.

Banks and NBFCs have stayed away from this opportunity as their conventional approach is unsuited to lending with informal documented income. This unserved customer segment constitutes the ‘Missing Middle’

To manage the amorphous mass of risk that micro enterprises currently represent, Our team, led by seasoned professionals from finance industry, has developed an innovative and radically different approach.

Our Story

There are thousands of profitable small and micro businesses across India which are locked out of the financial system. Though these micro enterprises employ millions of people, their biggest barrier to growth is lack of access to capital. We came together because we believed we could overcome this financing challenge and unlock a massive business opportunity. We have harnessed technology to keep our transaction costs low and designed smart processes to efficiently screen the applicants. Managed by bankers from large mulinational and private banks and some of the best micro finance organizations in India, we bring the best of both the worlds – sound business practices from around the world and deep understanding of micro enterprises in India.